Printing Checks in Quickbooks

ABOUT QuickBooks provided an advantage to print checks from its software so that, users can pay their employees, vendors and general expenses. This feature saves time and provides its users from getting fried. It gives the option to print single and multiple checks. EASY STEPS TO PRINT A CHECK IN QUICKBOOKS First select “Write Checks” … Continue reading “Printing Checks in Quickbooks”

Create Estimates in Quickbooks

OVERVIEW QuickBooks provides ‘estimate’ features or tool to its users so that, they easily manages their budgets and gives extensive collection and proposals of work that you planned for your customers. Estimates are just like ‘invoices’ its only motto is to begin discussion with your customers and helps its users to add data easily from the estimate into an invoice. POINTS TO CREATES … Continue reading “Create Estimates in Quickbooks”

Paying Bills in Quickbooks

OVERVIEW QuickBooks provides the feature, to do transactions online and paying bills efficiently. It increases fast business ratings and credits because of accurate and timely billing. This feature helps to deal with vendors and other financial issues smoothly. Online billing in QuickBooks also provides auto-updates and auto-download feature that helps users during tax time. Maintains … Continue reading “Paying Bills in Quickbooks”

Entering Credit Card Charges

ABOUT Adding credit card expenses helps in circulates fast and  safe accounting. It facilitates to do fast billing in purchasing supplies and inventory. You can easily records your transactions by adding your card to quickbooks account chart. WHY YOU ADD YOUR CREDIT CARD TO QUICKBOOKS Track service and products for which the vendors is paid. … Continue reading “Entering Credit Card Charges”

Using Double – Entry System

OVERVIEW Double entry or bookkeeping is a standard system that practiced from ancient times and still relevant. This is mainly used to maintain accounts on every transaction and maintaining a balance between these transactions. This system is based on the accounting equation (Liabilities + owners’ equity = Assets). It regulates the entered debit amounts must … Continue reading “Using Double – Entry System”

Invoicing Customers

OVERVIEW ‘Invoicing a customer’ is a document or sales receipt that provides detailed information of a particular product or services. It provides customers regular feedback and ensures outlined taxes and discounts. Invoicing manages and track the payment of products with proper descriptions containing date, name, and price, etc. Invoices are required for the sales that … Continue reading “Invoicing Customers”

Features of Quickbooks Pro 2016

OVERVIEW The Quickbooks is a more efficient accounting software that updated its users with latest tools and updates. Quickbooks 2016 version unlocked essential tools that provides helps is creating bills, custom invoices, print checks, paying checks, manages lists, and locates discrepancies. It contains new tools and updates that enhanced account handling for CPAs and SMPs, and improved reports, … Continue reading “Features of Quickbooks Pro 2016”

Setting Up Payroll Items in Quickbooks

ABOUT Payroll is the sum of all compensations that an employee gets from the business. Payroll is mainly used for business that contains more than one worker. It maintains your tax documents and made easy, timely payments to your employees. Payroll’s keeps proper track over working hours of employees, amounts, salaries, and records of any leave or holiday in between working hours. … Continue reading “Setting Up Payroll Items in Quickbooks”